This documentation supports the 21.3 (12.3) version of BMC Discovery.

Discovering WebLogic

Oracle WebLogic server is an enterprise-class, J2EE application server. Oracle WebLogic server is part of the Oracle WebLogic platform and supports Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and other JDBC-compliant databases.

Discovering WebLogic

BMC Discovery uses the BEA.WebLogicApplicationServer pattern to discover a WebLogic application server instance and its version. In BMC Discovery version 11.0 JMX support was removed and this approach is no longer used, though if the WebLogic application server has JMX enabled, this and the port being used is determined. Discovery of WebLogic is fully described in Configipedia.

Requirements for a full discovery

For a full discovery of WebLogic, you need login credentials for the WebLogic host.

Database nodes and relationships

The relationships are created based on the way the database type is represented. For example, an Oracle database is represented as an SI, whereas a MySQL database server is represented as an SI and the individual databases by Detail nodes with contained by relationships to the database server SI.

WebLogic discovery results

The following screen shows a successfully scanned WebLogic instance.

The attributes section of the WebLogic SI contains sections for the following items:

  • Components—Deployed EAR and WAR modules on WebLogic
  • Details—Resources on WebLogic. These resources might be application specific or globally defined and can be one of the following:
    • Java Mail Resources
    • JDBC Resources
  • Collections—J2EE Domains on WebLogic

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