This documentation supports the 21.3 (12.3) version of BMC Discovery.

Discovering Load Balancers

BMC Discovery enables you to discover load balancer instances and their configuration. The resulting inferred model shows how the load balancer components relate to one another. You can discover dedicated hardware load balancers such as Application Delivery Controllers from F5 or Citrix (NetScaler), or the virtualized versions of these devices. For more information, see the BMC Community page BEST FAQ on BMC Discovery of Network Devices Open link .

Network device node (load balancer)

BMC Discovery can now discover and model the load balancing configuration for certain NetworkDevice nodes that were previously displayed with a Type of Layer 3 Switch.

Load balancer information is discovered using SNMP. When BMC Discovery finds hardware or virtualized Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that has load balancer options enabled, it creates a network device node and triggers the load balancer discovery TPL patterns to query the necessary information about the related load balancing components, including pools, hosts, and services. As soon as these elements are discovered, the following nodes (with relationships) are modeled, where applicable: 

  • Load Balancer Group
  • Load Balancer Instance
  • Load Balancer Service
  • Load Balancer Pool
  • Load Balancer Member 

The node details page for a  NetworkDevice node representing a load balancer has an additional Services section. The discovered objects specific to load balancers are listed in the following table.

Field name



A logical load balancer instance that represents the load balancing module running on the device.


A load balancing service used for incoming connections to a load balancer.


Pools containing members; when pools are not used, a default placeholder pool node is created.


Connection to physical servers linked to the load balancer (in <ip address>:<port> format).


Hosts connected to the load balancer.

The following example shows a discovered network device with load-balancing options enabled:


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