This documentation supports the 21.3 (12.3) version of BMC Discovery.

Appliance status

A dialog is displayed when you click the Appliance Status icon in the dynamic toolbox. The appliance status page is displayed when you click the link in the dialog. The link description can have one of the following descriptions:

  • No Problems Detected—The status is green. No problems have been detected.
  • Status Information Available—The status is green, but at least one potential problem has been detected that has an information-level message.
  • Minor Problems Detected—At least one minor problem has been detected with the appliance.
  • Major Problems Detected—At least one major problem has been detected with the appliance.
  • Critical Problems Detected—At least one critical problem has been detected with the appliance.

You can also access this page from the main menu. Click the Administration Settings icon; then, in the Appliance section of the Administration page that opens, click Baseline Status.

If the appliance status is reported as critical, major, or minor, you can configure one or more of the following actions to occur:

  • Send Email
  • Restrict Network Access
  • Stop Discovery

For descriptions of the configuration checks that are performed for each item on the Appliance Status page, see Baseline Configuration.

The following screen illustrates the Appliance Baseline page and the various status states for each listed appliance.

Where an item has a report or configuration page (such as Appliance Specification or Appliance Configuration Files Tripwire), a hyperlink to that page or report is provided. Where no such page or report is available (for example, from Appliance Firewall), there is no hyperlink.

The following buttons are provided at the bottom of the page:

  • Check Baseline Now—Performs an immediate check of the appliance against the baseline.
  • Update All Baselines—Updates all checks in the baseline status to their current values.
  • Configure Actions—Opens the Appliance Actions page. From here, you can configure the actions you want to take in the event of baseline failures. For more information, see Configuring Actions.
  • Configure Options—Opens the Appliance Baseline Options page. From here, you can configure automatic email messaging in the event of a baseline failure, and individual network services to maintain if network access is restricted. For more information, see Configuring Options.
  • Cancel—Closes the Appliance Baseline page.
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