This documentation supports the 21.05 (12.2) version of BMC Discovery.

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Troubleshooting Linux scan failures

When you observe failures while discovering Linux/UNIX devices, use the troubleshooting steps described in this section to either resolve the problem or create a BMC Support case.

Issue symptoms

  • A Linux credential test fails with any of the following error messages:
    • Unable to determine open ports for <Target IP Address>
    • Permission Denied
    • ssh access failed as user <user>
  • A Linux scan fail with any of the following error messages:
    • No Access (DeviceInfo from heuristics)
    • No Access (Host identification failure - no mac addresses)

Issue scope

  • A Linux/UNIX credential test fails.
  • Linux/UNIX data is not discovered or inferred.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the Linux scan failures:

Step 1: Verify the prerequisites

Step 2: Test and review the BMC Discovery configuration

Perform the following steps to verify that BMC Discovery is configured correctly for the operation:

  • Credential details – Ensure that the Linux credential is configured with the correct details in BMC Discovery.In the BMC Discovery UI, go to the Manage > Credentials UI and in the Tests tab perform the credentials test. Check if it fails or succeeds.If the credentials test fails, check with your network team for working and valid credentials for the device.

  • Check if required ports are open – The minimum port required for a successful UNIX discovery is just the port associated with the access methods that you use. For example, if you use only ssh, this is port 22. For more information on ports, see Network ports used for discovery communications.

After performing the tasks in steps 1 and 2 if the problem persists, collect the discovery and session logs in debug mode. You can review the logs and try to identify the error messages. If not, contact Customer Support and provide the results of the tests.

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