This documentation supports the 21.05 (12.2) version of BMC Discovery.

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Troubleshooting data mismatch in the scanner and consolidator

Occasionally, you may observe that data in the Consolidator appliance is different from the Scanner which scanned the endpoint and sent the data to the Consolidator. In such cases, use the troubleshooting steps described in this section to either resolve the problem or create a BMC Support case.

Issue symptoms

  • You notice that the data on the Consolidator is different from that seen on the Scanner, which discovered the Directly Discovered Data (DDD).
  • You have a report from CMDB that does not display exactly what you see on the Scanner.
  • You notice that the count of devices on the Explore>Data page in the UI is different when comparing the Consolidator with the Scanners.

Issue scope

Some data displayed or reported on the Consolidator (and optionally synced to and reported from CMDB) does not reflect what you see on the Scanner appliance.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the data mismatch discrepancy:


Identify the problem and its scope

Is the data mismatch between the Consolidator and the Scanner, or between the CMDB and the Consolidator? Thus, is the data on the CMDB and Consolidator the same as each other but different from the Scanner, or the data on the Consolidator and Scanner are the same but different from the CMDB? This is important so you know how to investigate. This section helps you investigate differences between the Consolidator and the Scanner.

If your issue involves the data mismatch between the Consolidator and the CMDB, check your CMDB Sync patterns and research other KAs or troubleshooting articles. Ensure that your CMDB Sync connection is working and that Continuous Sync is enabled.

Identify how many Hosts, Network Devices, Software Instances, and so on are different between the Consolidator and the Scanner appliances?


When did the problem start?

Investigate the start of the problem. Do you have reports from the Consolidator or from CMDB (such as, Smart Reporting) that can assist you with determining this?

What changes occurred around the time that the problem started? For example:

  • Did you deploy a new TKU or new custom patterns?
  • Did you upgrade to a newer version of Discovery?
  • Did you encounter any issues with the Consolidator appliance around the time that the problem started occurring?
3.Verify the prerequisites
  • Verify that the Scanner is currently linked to the Consolidator.
    (To do this, go to Administration > Discovery Consolidation in the UI, on both the Consolidator and Scanner appliances).
  • Ensure that you are running the same Discovery version and TKU level on both, the Consolidator and the Scanner.
    (To do this, go to Manage > Knowledge in the UI and check the version in the top-right corner, and the TKUs under the Knowledge Summary section).
  • Ensure that all the core patterns are activated on both, the Consolidator and the Scanner appliances, for the TKU you are running (unless you have deliberately deactivated some patterns for some reason, such as advised by Customer Support).
    (To do this, go to Manage > Knowledge in the UI. Normally all the patterns for each TKU should be active. The important thing is that they are the same on both Scanner and the Consolidator).
  • Ensure that any applicable custom patterns are activated on both, the Consolidator and the Scanner appliances.
    (To do this, go to Manage > Knowledge > Knowledge Summary > Custom Modules in the UI).
  • Have you uploaded any beta patterns on the Scanner or Consolidator? If so, upload them on both, unless you were advised otherwise by Customer Support.
  • Are your model maintenance settings the same on the Scanner and the Consolidator? If you have different ageing parameters, this could explain why some nodes are visible on one appliance but not on the other.
  • If you spotted discrepancies in the above, remediate them and try rescanning the devices, and check to see if the data mismatch still occurs. For discovery of clusters, it is sometimes necessary to scan multiple times before the correct model is achieved.
4.All prerequisites are fulfilled but the data mismatch still occurs. What next? Review the KA.

Check for the possible reasons in this article: KA000293624 Open link

5.Destroy the device, rescan, and compare

If all the prerequisites are correct and the above KA has not helped to resolve the discrepancy, try manually destroying the Host/Device on both, the Scanner and Consolidator appliances. Then try scanning it afresh and compare the data on the Consolidator and Scanner after the consolidation is complete. 

  1. Find the device on the appliance (Scanner and Consolidator appliances in turn) and select Actions > Destroy.
  2. Scan the device on its own, from the Scanner.
  3. Verify that the scan is consolidated to the Consolidator.
  4. Verify the data on the Consolidator and check if it is still different to that of the Scanner.
  5. If it is different, check the Discovery Access (DA) page on the Consolidator and compare it with the Scanner. Are there permission errors on the DA page of the Consolidator that do not exist on the Scanner? If so, try searching the BMC Knowledge base for these errors.
6.Log a Support case

If you followed the earlier steps but are still not sure why there is a data mismatch then perform the following steps and provide the requested information when logging a Support case with BMC Customer Support: 

  • Take screenshots and put them in a Word document, showing the differences in data between the Consolidator and Scanner.
  • Include screenshots of the most recent Discovery Access from both Scanner and Consolidator appliances.
  • Explain the scope of the problem.
  • State when the problem started.
  • Share any information you think relevant. Support will need to verify that you have followed these steps.
  • See the article KA000223579 Open link  for how to gather the Record and Pool data from the Scanner, along with the debug Discovery and Reasoning logs from both, the Consolidator and Scanner appliances. (The Record and Pool data can only be obtained from the Scanner appliance.)

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