This documentation supports the 21.05 (12.2) version of BMC Discovery.

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Troubleshooting account, password, and login issues

Occasionally, when you attempt to log in to BMC Discovery UI, the login fails with an error message, such as Login failed. Please try again. Use this section to troubleshoot such failures and resolve the problem. If you are still unsuccessful at logging in, gather the required information and create a BMC Support case.

Issue symptoms

  • The system account or other UI accounts are locked or disabled.
  • You have forgotten the login password.
  • You are unable to log in to BMC Discovery for other miscellaneous reasons.


This issue affects the BMC Discovery appliance and the BMC Discovery Outpost.


Perform the steps in the following sections to troubleshoot the login failures.

To troubleshoot login failure in the BMC Discovery appliance

Step 1: Confirm if the account is active or locked

Open an SSH session to the BMC Discovery appliance as the tideway user and execute tw_listusers.

The following output of tw_listusers indicates that the system account is locked:


Step 2: Unlock the account

To unlock the account, run the following command:

tw_upduser --active <userName>

The following output of the command indicates that the user is active but the password is probably incorrect, and you need to reset the password:


Step 3: Reset the password

To reset the password, run the following command:

tw_passwd <userName>
tw_upduser --active <userName>

Step 4: Run the passwd command

After resetting the password or reactivating an account, it is recommended (but not mandatory) to run the following command:

tw_upduser --passwd-ok <userName>

To troubleshoot login failure in BMC Discovery Outpost

You access the BMC Discovery Outpost UI for two reasons. One is to register the BMC Discovery Outpost and set a few configuration options, such as IP ranges and logging level. This is done by using the BMC Discovery Outpost administrator account. The other reason is for managing credentials. This is done from the Discovery appliance or Helix Discovery instance by selecting Manage > Outposts, which redirects to the BMC Discovery Outpost UI. Ideally, you log in to the BMC Discovery Outpost from your BMC Discovery UI. In either case, the only likely cause for a login failure is an incorrect password.

However, the user cannot reset the BMC Discovery Outpost password. Contact Customer Support for assistance.

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