This documentation supports the 21.05 (12.2) version of BMC Discovery.

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Routine maintenance

A commonly occurring, and easily avoided problem is running out of disk space on the BMC Discovery appliance. You can avoid this problem by configuring baseline checks and warnings when free disk space falls below a set threshold, and you can use the disk space monitor (or the command line) to check the current usage.

Freeing up disk space

Once you have set a baseline threshold, if the free disk capacity falls below that threshold, the system issues a warning. To prevent shutdown, you must free up some disk space on the machine. Possible areas from which you might free up disk space are:

  • Application log files—See Contents of the logs for a description and the location of the main application log files. BMC Discovery is not reliant on these log files and they can be safely deleted. However, the datastore transaction logs must not be deleted. For more information, see operational warnings.
  • Cores—Check that there are no old cores in $TIDEWAY/cores.
  • Record data—You can delete any record data that is not required, or using the disk configuration tool you can move record data to an additional disk.
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