This documentation supports the 21.05 (12.2) version of BMC Discovery.

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Capturing SNMP devices

If an SNMP device is not supported, you can capture the device using BMC Discovery to dump the MIB of an SNMP agent. The MIB is used to create a .zip archive file that is saved to a specified location on the appliance file system. You must open a BMC Support ticket and send the .zip file with a request that support be included in BMC Discovery for that SNMP device. In the case of a Load Balancer device, ensure to also send the record and pool data.

A valid SNMP credential must be available to capture an SNMP device.

You can capture from the Actions menu on the following pages:

  • Discovery Access 
  • Discovery Access list
  • Device Info
  • Discovery Info list

For a list of all network devices supported by BMC Discovery, see Supported SNMP devices.

To capture unsupported devices from the Discovery Info or Discovery Access pages

To capture an unsupported device from a:

  • Discovery Access page
  • Device Info page

Select Capture Device Data from the Actions menu.

To capture multiple unsupported devices from a:

  • Discovery Info list page
  • Discovery Access list page

Select Capture Device Data from the Actions menu.


When capturing a device, you must ensure that the Outpost originally used to capture the device is registered and running.

To manage unsupported devices from the Device Capture page

You can perform various management actions on captured unsupported devices using the Device Capture page.

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration icon.  
    The Administration page opens.  
  2. In the Discovery section, click Device Capture.
    The list of captured devices is displayed on the Device Capture page. If no devices were found, a banner appears, stating that you must create a recognition rule for an unsupported device, scan, and subsequently capture it.
    Captured devices are displayed on the Device Capture page and include the following details:
    • Endpoint
    • Last Captured
    • State
    • Expected Manufacturer
    • Expected Model
    • Actions
  3. From the Actions column, click the corresponding link to perform the following the actions:

    View LogView the information about the capture (state, duration, and so on) in a log file.
    EditRevise the entered information for the capture (name, description, and so on) in a Description field.

    Run the capture (potentially overwriting any existing data). This is available only for captures that do not have a state of In Progress

    (info) You must ensure that the Outpost originally used to capture the device is registered and running.

    DownloadDownload the capture as a .zip file. This option is available only if the capture was completed successfully.
    CancelStop an In Progress capture. A Capture Cancelled banner is displayed, and an error appears in the log file.
    DeleteRemove the capture files.

 The following screen illustrates the log page of a successful capture.

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