This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Discovery.

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The tw_tax_export utility enables you to export taxonomy files so that they can be stored in another location. This utility can be used as an effective troubleshooting tool to check if all your taxonomy overlays worked as you expected, especially if you left old files in place or ordered them incorrectly.

Taxonomy definitions are configured using .xml files that are stored in the following directories:


The directories are parsed in the order shown (installed files take precedence over custom files), and the files contained in these directories are parsed in alphabetical order (numbers before letters). This order is important, because any taxonomy definitions that are subsquently added override any previously loaded definitions. The standard base taxonomy file is contained in /usr/tideway/data/installed/taxonomy/00taxonomy.xml.

To use the utility, type the following command at the $TIDEWAY/bin/ directory:

tw_tax_export [options] 

where options are any of the options described in the following table and the common command line options described in Using command line utilities.

Command Line Option


-D, --datastore=NAME

(Do Not Use) Specifies the name of the datastore service

-P, --partition=NAME

Specifies the name of the datastore partition

-r, --relkinds=REGEXP

Specifies the RelationshipKinds to export

-l, --rolekinds=REGEXP

Specifies the RoleKinds to export


Specifies to sort names

-t, --taxonomy=LOC

(Do Not Use) Specifies the name of the taxonomy service

-u, --username=NAME

Specifies the name of the BMC Discovery user. If no user is specified, BMC Discovery uses the default, system.

User example

In the following example, type the commands on a single line. Line breaks are provided to make the example easier to read.

Exporting a taxonomy file

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