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The tw_tax_deprecated utility enables you to check patterns for references to deprecated attributes. The utility is primarily intended for the upgrade to BMC Discovery 9.0, but it can also be used outside the upgrade. The username and password to supply for this utility are those of a UI user, such as the system user.

To use the utility, type the following command:

tw_tax_deprecated [options] 

where options are any of the common arguments described in Using command line utilities, or the command described in the following table:

Command Line Option



Specifies to check for deprecated attributes in all installed TKU pattern modules.

User example

The following example checks patterns for references to deprecated attributes as the system user and includes all installed TKU pattern modules. No password is entered so the utility prompts for a password which is not echoed when entered. In this example, deprecated attributes are found.

Checking for references to deprecated attributes

[tideway@fredapp bin]$ tw_tax_deprecated --show-tku --username=system
Searching for deprecated Host node attribute 'host_type' ...

Found in pattern module:
HostLocations (Package host_locations)

Searching for deprecated NetworkDevice node attribute 'device_type' ...

Searching for deprecated MFPart node attribute 'part_type' ...

[tideway@fredapp bin]$ 

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