This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Discovery.

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The tw_event_control utility enables you to manage and monitor event sources.

To use the utility, enter the following command:

tw_event_control [options]

where options are any of the options described in the following table and the common command line options described in Using command line utilities.

Command Line Option



Add event source.


Timeout for aging events.


Select all.


Cancel event source.


Description of event source.


Disable event source.


Enable event source.


List event sources.


Remove event source.


Reset event count.


Name of event source.


Update event source.

User examples

The following examples show usage of the tw_event_control utility.

List event sources

tw_event_control --list

Add new event source with minimum parameters

tw_event_control --add --source source1

Add new event source with all parameters

tw_event_control --add --source source1 --description test --aging 604800

Update event source parameter

tw_event_control --update --source source1 --description test
tw_event_control --update --source source1 --aging 604800

Enable event source

tw_event_control --enable --source source1

Enable all event sources

tw_event_control --enable --all

Disable event source

tw_event_control --disable --source source1

Disable all event sources

tw_event_control --disable --all

Remove event source

tw_event_control --remove --source source1

Remove all event sources

tw_event_control --remove --all

Cancel active and pending events for event source

tw_event_control --cancel --source source1

Cancel active and pending events for all event sources

tw_event_control --cancel --all

Reset event source count

tw_event_control --reset-count --source source1
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