This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Discovery.

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The tw_config_dashboards utility enables you to configure and customize dashboards in BMC Discovery.


Use the BMC Discovery user interface to perform the functionality provided by the tw_config_dashboards command line utility (see Using and customizing dashboards). If you choose to run the utility, read the documentation in this section to learn its usage and to understand the risks and potential impact on your environment.

To use the utility, type the following command at the $TIDEWAY/bin/ directory:

tw_config_dashboards [options] title


  • title is the title of the dashboard.
    If a title is not specified, an error is displayed.
  • options are any of the options described in the following table and the common command line options described in Using command line utilities.

Command Line Option



Specifies to lock the dashboard so that it is read-only (the default)


Specifies to display a list of the current dashboards and whether they are locked or unlocked. For this option only, a title does not need to be specified.


Specifies to unlock the dashboard so that it can be edited

User example

In the following example, type the commands on a single line. Line breaks are provided to make the example easier to read.

Changing a dashboard

By default, dashboards are configured to be read-only. If you want to customize a dashboard, you first need to make it accessible using the --unlock option:

$TIDEWAY/bin/tw_config_dashboards --unlock Default
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