This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Discovery.

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Release notes and notices

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Related release notes


November 17, 2020Patch 1 ( for version 20.08Issues that were corrected by this patch and issues that remain open.
September 15, 202020.08

This release of BMC Discovery provides the following enhancements:

For additional information about this release, refer to the following topics:


The BMC Discovery Outpost displays the Self-Help and Task List panes when you log in for the first time. These panes, which provide guided assistance and links to help topics, are currently available only for BMC Helix Discovery users, not for on-premises BMC Discovery users. Therefore, you must disable this feature in the Manage > Configuration screen of the BMC Discovery Outpost. For more information, see Configuring the BMC Discovery Outpost.


You can upgrade to version 20.08 only from versions 11.3.x or 20.02 (12.0). For information about supported upgrade versions, see Upgrading.

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