This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Discovery.

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PDFs and videos

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The following table lists topics that contain videos that supplement the text-based documentation.

TopicDuration (in minutes)Description
Version 20.08 (12.1) videos
Tour of BMC Discovery 20.08 UI06:44

This video explores the BMC Discovery 20.08 user interface and provides an overview of the powerful features you can use to discover and manage your IT infrastructure.

Introduction to Start Anywhere Application Modeling02:42

This video introduces start anywhere application modeling (SAAM) in BMC Discovery. SAAM enables you to choose any entry point, or points, into an application, and begin modeling from there.

Removing nodes and creating rules in visualizations03:26

This video shows you how to remove nodes from visualizations and to create rules to automatically prevent certain node types from displaying in visualizations and application models.

Managing related, removed, and suppressed nodes in visualizations02:15

This video helps you to understand how to manage related, removed, and suppressed nodes in visualizations.

Resynchronizing a CMDB connection05:17

This video explains the options available for resynchronizing a CMDB connection and how to resume an interrupted sync.

How to manage credentials in BMC Discovery 20.0807:33

This video explains how you can add, edit, test, and manage credentials. You can also explore the functioning of credential vaults and learn how to close, open, export, and import the vault.

Scanning your IT infrastructure in BMC Discovery 20.08 and BMC Helix Discovery07:19

This video explains how you can scan your IT infrastructure for endpoints in BMC Discovery 20.08 and BMC Helix Discovery. You can learn how to perform snapshot and scheduled scans for IP addresses and cloud resources.

Version 11.2 videos
Launch presentation for BMC Discovery 11.212:15

This video gives an overview of discovering cloud services through BMC Discovery 11.2.

Discovering cloud services in BMC Discovery 11.205:07

This video explains how to discover cloud services and perform cloud discovery in BMC Discovery 11.2.

Query generation in BMC Discovery05:25

This video helps you to understand how query generation in BMC Discovery takes place. This feature of query generation is applicable to both versions of 11.1 and 11.0 of BMC Discovery.

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