This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Discovery.

To view an earlier version of the product, select the version from the Product version menu.

First steps in securing BMC Discovery

Once you have installed and logged into the BMC Discovery UI, you can make some initial configuration changes to improve the security of the system. If you have sufficient permissions to configure security settings, for example you are logged in as the system user, a Securing Your Appliance checklist is provided on the Home page default dashboard.

When you first log into the UI, you are required to change the system user password and the passwords for the tideway and root command line users. These checklist items are shown as changed. The additional step you should consider is configuring HTTPS settings.

After you have configured these, the checklist is updated (you may need to use CTRL+F5 to force refresh) and a Dismiss button is displayed. You can click Dismiss to remove the checklist from the dashboard.

The BMC Discovery appliance is designed and built with security in mind; a description of the security considerations and the types of measure taken are described in the Security section.

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