This documentation supports the 20.02 (12.0) version of BMC Discovery.

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Setting up and configuring an export

This topic provides information about what you will need to do to create and configure an exporter from scratch. Information about managing the adapter configurations, mapping sets and exporters is also provided.

To set up an export

  1. Specify where the exporter should send data to by creating a new configuration for the appropriate adapter.
    Configure with the connection settings for the server you want to export to. See Creating a New Adapter Configuration.
  2. Specify which data to export by creating a new mapping set and uploading the mapping files you want to use.
    You can reuse one of the existing mapping sets. See Creating Mapping Sets.
  3. Create an exporter, selecting the adapter configuration and mapping set you created in the previous steps.
    See Creating a New Exporter.

To start an export

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration iconThe Administration page displays. From the Model section, click Export.
    The Export page is displayed which has the following tabs.

Export Configurations Backed up by appliance backup

The Appliance Backup feature now backs up export configurations.

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