This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
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Troubleshooting DWP Notifications

This topic describes how to troubleshoot notifications within BMC Digital Workplace. The goal is to help you fix common issues regarding the different notifications that BMC Digital Workplace offers.

How do BMC Digital Workplace notifications work?

 BMC Digital Workplace has a stand-alone notification system that is independent from ITSM email notifications, but can be combined with ITSM’s system notifications. The ITSM email notifications are implemented in the BMC Digital Workplace code using templates that are stored in the jar files that are part of the application libraries deployed to the Tomcat web server.

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Services notifications must be enabled in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Admin Console.

Notifications in BMC Digital Workplace

BMC Digital Workplace sends three type of notifications:

  • In-app notifications—also known as Bell notifications.
  • Push notifications
  • Email notifications

 Make sure you have configured the BMC Digital Workplace notifications according to the documentation: Managing broadcasts and notifications for end users.

Environmental details

Verify the firewall and ports that are used by BMC Digital Workplace Tomcat open and working.

Know the current BMC Digital Workplace version and build to help verify whether there is a known defect related to notifications:

BMC Digital Workplace Version: <servername>:<port>/dwp/rest/version 

Validate whether the state of the environment is a single server or cluster environment.

Monitor the JVM Settings for MyIT Tomcat.  Low memory values could prevent notifications from going out. 

Resolution for common issues

To resolve the problem, we can identify particular points of the issue or use case.

  • What kind of notifications are not working?
  • Are all users affected or does this issue only happen for a particular user?
  • What events are not triggering notifications?
  • When did it start? For example, did this behavior start after an upgrade or configuration change.
  • It is an intermittent issue? Can you reproduce the issue as desired?

The following table provides resolutions to some common issues:

In-app notifications (Bell notifications)



A particular user is unable to see in-app notifications.

By default, notifications in BMC Digital Workplace are turned off for each user. Verify whether the notifications are enabled in the BMC Digital Workplace end user console, by selecting Preferences > Notification settings.

All users are unable to see in-app notifications.

Verify the social connector and port.

  • Social connector is defined in server.xml:

<Connector address=""





-Social port and host name are defined in the file:

social.server.protocol = http = localhost

social.server.port = 9002

social.user.autocreate = false

  • Social port needs to be enabled in the firewall.

For a server group environment, make sure that only one server is set as the master and only one has notificationPoller Enabled under

Only Approval notifications are failing.

Confirm Approvals are configured in /dwp/admin/configuration/approval.html

Approval in-app notifications are taking too long to show up.

Check the poller interval that is configured in the file and adjust if necessary(?).

 Email notifications

A particular user doesn’t receive email notifications.

Verify that the user has a valid email account with the company’s server and configure the mail server information.

Verify that notifications are enabled in the BMC Digital Workplace end-user console by selecting Preferences > Notification settings.

Verify that the user login ID is in the same case in the ITSM CTM:People form and in the DWP USER_PREFERENCES table.

All users are unable to receive email notifications.

Validate the settings and Backend URL In BMC Digital Workplace Admin console by going  to Configuration > Email.

Only survey notifications are not being triggered.

Validate that surveys are enabled and SMTP is configured under (BMC Digital Workplace Tomcat external conf folder).

 BMC Digital Workplace logs for notification issues

During troubleshooting of notification issues, the dwp.log in debug mode is useful because it can provide more details, including whether a specific error occurred on BMC Digital Workplace:

Configuring logs

BMC Digital Workplace additional documentation

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Notifications from BMC Digital Workplace Catalog 

Status updates and notifications from BMC Digital Workplace


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BMC Digital Workplace Approval Configuration

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Configuring how approval requests are displayed in BMC Digital Workplace end user console 

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