This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
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Mapping satisfaction surveys to service requests in BMC Digital Workplace

Single-question surveys created in BMC Service Request Management are available for mapping to service requests in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console. As a BMC Digital Workplace administrator, you can map the available surveys to one SRD at a time. You can map the same survey to multiple SRDs separately. Once mapped, the surveys are synchronized with SRDs in BMC Service Request Management.

Before you begin

To map satisfaction surveys to service requests in BMC Digital Workplace

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, go to Service Requests > Surveys.
  2. To map a survey to a service request, perform the following steps:
    1. Select a category from the SRD Categories list.

    2. Select an SRD from the Available requests list.
    3. Select a survey from the drop-down list under Select configuration.


      If you have BMC Digital Workplace deployed in a multitenant mode, as a super administrator, you must not map a company-specific survey template to a global SRD.

  3. Save your changes.
    When you have mapped surveys to SRDs, end users receive notifications with surveys when their service requests become completed. For more details about survey notifications, see Configuring status updates and notifications.

Where to go from here

Disable duplicate survey notifications from BMC Service Request Management. See Disabling duplicate notifications for satisfaction surveys.

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