This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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20.02.03: Patch 3

Review the fixes and updates in this patch in BMC Digital Workplace  20.02.03 that might impact your users.

Display of the User ID field and configuration of end-user details display settings

In earlier versions of BMC Digital Workplace, work email and work phone (if specified by the user in preferences) as well as mail stop (if specified in Remedy IT Service Management) were always available for other users. In this version, the BMC Digital Workplace administrator can select which user information will be displayed in the results of a People search, requests, and approvals. The administrator can also configure the visibility of a new User ID field. The following table illustrates the difference between the end-user information display options in earlier releases and version 20.02.03 by using the Global search panel results as an example:

ReleaseUser information
Before 20.02.03

Non-configurable (work email, work phone and mail stop are displayed)

20.02.03 and later

Configurable (only work phone is displayed; work email and work phone are disabled)

The following table illustrates the ability to display the User ID in earlier releases and version 20.02.03 by using the Global search panel results as an example:

ReleaseUser ID
Before 20.02.03

Not displayed (no option to enable the User ID in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console)

20.02.03 and later

Configurable (option to enable the User ID in the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console)

For more information about user details availability, see Configuring end user display settings.

Additional status filters for events

In previous versions of BMC Digital Workplace, end users could filter Active events only by type and date and Past events only by status and date. Starting with 20.02.03, end users can filter Active and Past events by status and type, and they can select several options or combine them. For example, end users can filter only active requests and approvals by Waiting Approval status:

 For more information about filtering options, see Search in BMC Helix Digital Workplace.

Updated action button icons for requests and approvals

The icons of the following action buttons have been updated in the BMC Digital Workplace end user console:

Before 20.02.03Starting with 20.02.03

For more information about requests and approvals, see Business request processing.

Downloading the patch

The following table provides links to the page on the EPD website that contains the patch files for this product. From the EPD page, you can select and download the patch files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

Use the following links to download the files for  BMC Digital Workplace 20.02 Patch 03:

EPD link to componentPlatform

BMC Digital Workplace Version 20.02.03

Microsoft Windows

BMC Digital Workplace Version 20.02.03


BMC Digital Workplace Deployment Package Version 19.08.00 *

Linux, Microsoft Windows

Personal Data Privacy Utility for BMC Digital Workplace Version 20.02.00

Linux, Microsoft Windows

* This is required if you are performing a fresh installation of BMC Digital Workplace. After you extract the contents of the file, you must deploy  first, and then deploy , which contains sample data. For more information, see Applying a deployment package .

To verify the files

Locate the files you downloaded and verify the SHA256 checksum results before installation.


You can use any SHA256 checksum tool to verify the checksum results.

File nameSHA256 checksum





Supported install and upgrade paths


Installing or upgrading to BMC Digital Workplace 20.02.03

You can perform a fresh installation or upgrade to BMC Digital Workplace 20.02.03.

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