This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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20.02.01: Patch 1

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.


Filter active and past events

This patch includes updates to the filtering of Active and Past events. All the applied filters appear in the form of green pills. You can cancel the pills to revert to the previous view. You can now:

  • Filter Active and Past events by the default or custom date range, which simplifies the work with multiple requests:
  • Filter Active events in the Card view. This option is now available for web and mobile apps:
  • Filter Past events by text and customize the label of filtered Past events:

For more information about the search logic of BMC Digital Workplace, see Search in BMC Helix Digital Workplace.

To customize the tabs of filtered events, see Configuring the labels used in BMC Digital Workplace.

Display the correct request details for services with alternate approvers

In earlier versions, BMC Digital Workplace displayed only the name of the original approver in the request details even if the alternate approver took some actions on the request. This patch enables end users to see who is actually an acting person in the request details.

For example, Sam (the original approver) assigns Bob as the alternate approver. Mary (the end user) requests a service that needs Sam's approval. Bob is assigned to approve Mary's service request. Bob approves the request. Mary and Sam see Bob's name in the service request details:

For more information about alternate approvers, see Delegating to alternate approvers. For the approval process overview, see Approving users' business requests.

Configure approvals search

This patch includes two new SRM provider settings for approvals search. With the first setting, you can configure the search so that it shows only active or inactive approvals. The second setting enables you to search for active and inactive approvals in the specified time span. For more information about the new SRM provider settings, see List of providers.

Preconfigure RSSO integration during a BMC Digital Workplace fresh installation

When performing a fresh installation of this patch, you can preconfigure RSSO integration from the installation screen. You do not need to create and configure the file. If you use a self-signed certificate, the installation screen shows a warning that using a self-signed certificate presents a security risk. You can continue the installation process of BMC Digital Workplace, but we recommend that you apply a trusted certificate later. For more information about the BMC Digital Workplace installation, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace on a single server.

Integrating with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 

BMC Digital Workplace is now compatible with version 4.7 of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. For more information, see 20.02.01: Patch 1 for version 20.02.00.

Installer support for Apache Tomcat 9

Apache Tomcat 9 is now supported. If Tomcat is not already installed on the system, the BMC Digital Workplace installer automatically prompts you to install Tomcat 9.

iOS push notifications in BMC Digital Workplace

The Apple Push Notification service (APNs) will no longer support the legacy binary protocol after March 31, 2021. As a result, iOS push notifications in BMC Digital Workplace version 20.02 or earlier will not work after March 31, 2021. To keep receiving iOS push notifications, we recommend that you upgrade BMC Digital Workplace to 20.02 Patch 1 (20.02.01) or later. 

If you are using BMC Digital Workplace 19.05 to 19.11, you can download and install the cumulative hot fix. Cumulative hot fixes for BMC Digital Workplace version 19.05 to 20.02 are currently available at the FTP location listed in  Knowledge Article 000164912 .

Downloading the patch

The following table provides links to the page on the EPD website that contains the patch files for this product. From the EPD page, you can select and download the patch files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

Use the following links to download the files for  BMC Digital Workplace 20.02 Patch 01:

EPD link to componentPlatform

BMC Digital Workplace Version 20.02.00 Patch 01

Microsoft Windows

BMC Digital Workplace Version 20.02.00 Patch 01


To verify the files

Locate the files you downloaded and verify the SHA256 checksum results before installation.


You can use any SHA256 checksum tool to verify the checksum results.

File nameSHA256 checksum




Supported install and upgrade paths


Installing or upgrading to BMC Digital Workplace 20.02.01

You can perform a fresh installation or upgrade to BMC Digital Workplace 20.02.01.


Upgrades are supported from BMC Digital Workplace 20.02.00 only.

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