This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.

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Key concepts

Before you proceed, you should understand some of the basics and key offerings of the product. This section gives you an overview of different aspects of the product that let you better leverage its functionalities.

Learn how a business request is processed from start to end.Business request processing
Learn about getting the basic data for your catalog from the starter kit during an installation.Catalog content from the starter kit
Learn about populating your catalog by using other BMC application and by building your own catalog.Catalog sources and data flow
Learn the basics about subtenants.Company-level access to subtenants in BMC Helix Digital Workplace
Learn about how the catalog services are charged.Credit management for managed service providers
Learn about providing an app store experience to your end users for requesting services through the catalog.Enhanced catalog
Learn about providing services to users outside of your organization and managing their access to services.Portal for external users
Learn how different search options assist end users in their day to day activities.Search in BMC Helix Digital Workplace
Learn about distributing various catalog items among different users.Subcatalogs
Learn about associating users with services, bundles, and banners.Virtual marketplaces

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