This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product Version menu.

Managing customers

If you are a managed service provider, you can enable the managed service provider mode to manage your customers. 

Before you begin

  • You can add any ITSM company to which you will be able to add users in the People form. The only exception is a company with a Manufacturer type. For more information about the companies in ITSM, see Company types supported .
  • Add and configure customers in BMC Remedy ITSM. For more information, see Configuring companies
  • Use the following flowchart to decide if you should enable the managed service provider (MSP) mode for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.


    Enable this feature only if you performed a fresh installation of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. Do not enable this feature if you are upgrading from a previous version.

    After this feature is enabled, you cannot use the external users feature or create people groups that your end users can add as collaborators.


Process overview

The following flowchart provides an overview of the process for managing customers, along with the roles required to complete each step.


To enable the managed service provider mode


As a system administrator, you must enable the managed service provider mode immediately after you install BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.


If you are running BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog in a SAAS environment, you need not complete this procedure. If you are a managed service provider, submit a help desk ticket through so that BMC can enable the managed service provider mode.

  1. Navigate to ./opt/bmc/digitalworkplace/sb/.
  2. Type enable_msp.

To add customers and assign services to your customers

As a catalog administrator, you can add customers to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog only if the managed service provider mode is enabled.

  1. Click Catalog > Customers.
  2. From the Company drop-down list, select the customer you want to add.
  3. In the Customer options pane, enter the required details.

    SettingsSelect Credit Management to assign credits to the customer, and set an alert for when the credit falls below a specific threshold. For more information, see Managing the credit balance.
    ServicesClick Add to search and add services from the Service Catalog pane. The customer administrator can entitle these services to their end users.
    RolesClick Add to add administrators from the user directory. The company attribute is used to populate the list of users.

To add the end users of your customers in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

As a catalog administrator, you can add the end users of your customers.

  1. Add the users who belong to a specific company in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.
    For more information about adding users by using the Company attribute in BMC Remedy ITSM, see To add users from dynamic filters by ITSM attributes


    It is assumed that users will have access to a single company at a time.

  2. When you add your customer, make sure that you add at least one user as an administrator.

To entitle services to end users

As a customer administrator, you must entitle services to the end users who belong to your company.

  1. Log in to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog as a customer administrator.
  2. Click Entitlements to create virtual marketplaces and entitle services to your end users.
    For more information, see Managing virtual marketplaces by different users.

Where to go from here

After you have set up your customers, you can enable credit management.

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