This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Upgrading a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server

Follow the process described in this topic to upgrade a single instance of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog to the latest release.

If BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is installed in a server group for high availability, you can upgrade each server sequentially without losing data, user requests, and running processes. The net effect is zero downtime to upgrade BMC Digital Workplace Catalog and increase productivity for your organization.

Before you begin

Perform the following tasks to prepare your environment for upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Catalog .

1Back up the database, system files and folders, and additional configuration files.Preparing a system for a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog upgrade
2Create a configuration options text file based on the values that you collected in the upgrade worksheet.Creating a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog upgrade options file
3Notify your organization of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server downtime until after the upgrade is finished.(Not applicable)

To upgrade BMC Digital Workplace Catalog on a single server

If BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is installed only in a single-server environment, you cannot use BMC Digital Workplace Catalog or request services through the BMC Digital Workplace enhanced catalog until after the upgrade is finished. The time necessary for upgrade of a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog on a single server environment depends on the configuration, which version you are upgrading from, and database size. 

  1. Extract the files from the upgrade archive package. For instructions, see Extracting the downloaded archive.
  2. Create an upgrade options file and upload it to the server, or edit the options.txt file extracted from the upgrade package. For example, save the file as myoptions.txt.

  3. Run the upgrade script and specify the options file to use, as in the following example.

    Command to run the upgrade script and load an upgrade options file
    ./ -o myoptions.txt
  4. After you read and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), the upgrade process begins. The upgrade should take between one and two hours. The system will report if the upgrade succeeds or fails. If the upgrade fails, review the error message and the log files to troubleshoot the problem.

Successful upgrade messages

You should receive the following messages that indicate a successful upgrade. The BMC Digital Workplace Catalog application server host name is shown in the URL.

Messages displayed during the installation process
$ ./ -o myoptions.txt

          Welcome to the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Installer

In order to use this software you are required to accept the license
agreement, please press [Enter/Return] key to view the license.

You can scroll with the arrow keys and quit the viewer by pressing 'q'.


Do you agree to the terms and conditions as defined in the EULA [y/n]? y

The upgrade will take roughly 1-2 hours, depending on hardware.
You can monitor the progress by viewing the logs:

        tail -f /tmp/dwp_install_log.txt
        tail -f /tmp/dwpsystem_install_log.txt

[ Upgrade started: 02:11:16 ]

Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Platform    .................    [  PASS  ]
Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Catalog    ..................    [  PASS  ]
Cleaning up upgrade files    ................................    [  PASS  ]
Performing final restart    .................................    [  PASS  ]


 Upgrade successful, you can now log into the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
 administration console:


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