This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Upgrade process overview for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

Review this section for details about the requirements and process for upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Upgrade path supported by version

The following table describes the upgrade path for the supported versions of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog and the application under its previous name, MyIT Service Broker.

ApplicationCurrently installed versionSupported upgrade to versionComments
BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

3.3.00 Patch 1 (version or later


You can upgrade directly from BMC Digital Workplace Catalog 3.3.00 (Patch 1 or later) to version 18.02.00. The upgrade process migrates existing data so you do not need to run a separate data migration step.

If the application is installed in a server group for high availability, you can perform a nondisruptive upgrade by upgrading each individual server in sequence. For more information, see Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Catalog in a server group.

MyIT Service Broker3. Patch 1 (version

You cannot upgrade directly from MyIT Service Broker 3.3.00 to the latest BMC Digital Workplace Catalog 18.02.00 release. You must first upgrade to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog 3.3.00 Patch 1 to upgrade your existing database schema, and then you can upgrade to the latest version.

If you upgrade from 3.3.00 to 3.3.00 Patch 1, you must also perform a manual step to update the platform version in the database to be able to upgrade to version 18.02.00. For more information, see the following knowledge article: KA000141826 .

MyIT Service Broker3.2.00 and related service packs and patches(None)You cannot perform an in-place upgrade directly from versions prior to version 3.3.00 Patch 1. For help transitioning your existing MyIT Service Broker 3.2 installation and migrating data into the latest release, contact BMC Support.

Before you begin

1Review the latest deployment use cases to understand whether any changes to your system architecture are required.

Deployment use cases

2Review the release notes for information about what's new, what's changed, and solutions to issues encountered during testing.

Release notes and notices

Known and corrected issues

3Collect the required information about the existing installation that will be used for the upgrade process.Upgrade worksheet for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

If the upgrade is to be performed as a non-root user, ensure that the user account that will be performing the upgrade has the appropriate access to the installation folders and files.

Note: This step would have been completed before the original installation of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

See the section Preparing a server for installation as a non-root user in Preparing a Linux server for BMC Digital Workplace Catalog installation

Tasks to upgrade BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

Review the following tasks to understand the process before performing the upgrade.

1Download the files required for upgrade.Downloading the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog upgrade files
2Back up the database, file system, and create a snapshot of all servers.Preparing a system for a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog upgrade
3Copy the information from the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog upgrade worksheet into an upgrade options file to upload to the server.Creating a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog upgrade options file

Select an upgrade path based on your deployment scenario, either a single BMC Digital Workplace Catalog instance or high-availability server group deployment.

Upgrading a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server

Upgrading BMC Digital Workplace Catalog in a server group

5Test the upgrade after completion by logging into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.(Not applicable)

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