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Troubleshooting the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog REST API

To understand errors from the REST API, examine the status code of the response along with the response body if present.

Most of the responses with errors include a description of the problem. If a call to the API does not return a descriptive response (such as "Unknown system error"), contact BMC support for assistance.

I keep getting a "HTTP 404 Not Found" error from the API

This error could occur if the target URL is incorrect. Make sure the endpoint and base URI are correct.

    "messageType": "ERROR",
    "messageText": "Unknown system error",
    "moreInfo": "",
    "messageNumber": 8790,
    "messageAppendedText": "HTTP 404 Not Found"

I keep getting "401 Unauthorized" errors from the API

This error indicates that you could not be authenticated with the token expected in the HTTP "Authorization" header or cookie. Several reasons could cause this error:

  • The "Authorization" header itself is missing or invalid.
  • The token is missing from the header or is invalid.
  • The token has expired. Tokens only expire if they are generated from the /api/token endpoint (as opposed to being generated in the user interface). In this case, you can generate a new one with another call to the same endpoint. If you are using the Swagger UI or if the interaction with /api/token is hidden from you, try to trigger another call to the endpoint by refreshing the Swagger UI and then enter your user name and password again.
  • The user that owns the token has been deactivated or deleted.
	"messageType": "ERROR",
	"messageText": "Authentication failed",
	"moreInfo": "",
	"messageNumber": 623,
	"messageAppendedText": "hannah_admin@calbro.com"
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