This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Setting up the My Stuff page

End users can view all items they have assigned to themselves on their My Stuff page in BMC Digital Workplace. This topic describes how catalog administrators (or internal service suppliers), and BMC Digital Workplace administrators configure the  My Stuff view for end users. 

End users view the following items on their My Stuff page:

Provisioned service requests 

The My Stuff page displays provisioned service requests. For example, if an end user requests a laptop, and that this request is completed, the laptop service request becomes available on the  My Stuff page.

To display service requests on the My Stuff page

A service request is automatically displayed on the My Stuff page only if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The service request is built on a service from the enhanced catalog.
  • The service request has been processed, and is in Closed status.
  • There is at least one service action associated with the service request.

To remove service requests from the My Stuff page

A service request is automatically removed from the My Stuff page if a catalog administrator performs any of the following tasks:

  • Deletes all service actions from a service that is associated with a service request.
  • Deletes a service associated with a service request.
  • Designs a workflow mapped to a service action to remove a provisioned service request from the My Stuff page. For details on how to configure such a workflow, see Designing a workflow to remove a service request from the My Stuff page. This option is available starting with version or later.

Service actions

The available service actions can be viewed and selected from the Actions list available for each provisioned service request.

Service actions provide an easy way for end users to interact with their service requests. For example, if an end user requests and receives a laptop, and at a later time needs to add more RAM or HDD memory, the end user can find the laptop service, and select Add more memory action available in the Actions list.

Service actions can be any of the following types:

  • Predefined service actions (also known as Day 2 actions) are available by default if a requested service is built on a workflow that uses any actions from one of the following configured connectors:
    • Microsoft Office 365 connector
    • Amazon Web Service connector
    • Microsoft Azure connector
    • Flexera connector

The following example shows predefined service actions for a service request that uses Microsoft Azure connector:

  • Custom service actions are added and configured by catalog administrators or internal service suppliers in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. For details about how to create service actions, and associate them with enhanced services, see Managing service actions.

The following example shows custom service actions for a service request that uses Remedy connector:

Service categories

Items on the My Stuff page are displayed in categories. The following categories are available:

  • Service health is the predefined category available only if the Service Health feature is enabled in BMC Digital Workplace Admin console.
  • Custom categories are automatically generated on the My Stuff page based on categories to which a service request belongs. For details about how service categories are added, see Adding and updating service categories.

Service health items

Service health items are services displayed in the default Service health category. The available services have one or more actions associated with them, displayed in their Actions lists. Both services and service actions are created and configured by BMC Digital Workplace administrator. For details about how these services are created and configured, see Setting up services.

Service health items can be filtered as follows:

  • Followed services (services can be marked as Followed by the BMC Digital Workplace administrators or end users)
  • All services
    For details about how to create service health items and associate service actions with them, see Setting up services.
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