This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Quick start for internal service suppliers

As an internal service supplier, you can populate and maintain your organization's service catalog. Review the following features, and follow the links to learn more about the capabilities of this flexible digital service management and delivery platform.

Basic concepts for internal service suppliers

  • Connector–Connects BMC Digital Workplace Catalog to an external system that fulfills the request.
  • Questionnaire–For each service, the questionnaire collects information needed to fulfill the request. 
  • Workflow–Defines the process to fulfill a service. The most basic workflow sends a single action to an external system for fulfillment. 

Process overview for internal service suppliers

The following diagram illustrates the basic process for creating a service in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog:


Video demonstration

The following video (2:47) highlights the easy service definition creation feature of BMC Remedy 9 and BMC Digital Workplace:

Essential tasks as an internal service supplier

Start with the following tasks:

Create and publish service catalog items

To get started with defining services, you create service catalog items on the Service Management page in  BMC Digital Workplace Catalog as shown in the following image:

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Define workflows with conditional questions processing

After you add the catalog profile details to a service, you can create a workflow in the workflow designer, which is a visual tool based on Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN) standards.

You start creating a workflow by dragging and dropping workflow elements onto the canvas, and configuring the process mandatory details. You can design custom workflows to be simple or complex, using conditions that add or remove questions based upon the end-user's responses to the service questionnaire.

The following animated video shows an example of how you would create a process workflow:


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Attach questionnaire forms to service workflows

Service catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can create question forms for BMC Digital Workplace users to complete when submitting requests. Questionnaires share a many to one relationship with workflows. Different services can display unique question sets which are associated with the same workflow. Be aware that when you delete a workflow, all questions associated with that workflow are deleted as well.

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Entitle users to be able to request services

Service catalog administrators, asset managers, and supplier administrators create virtual marketplaces to entitle published services, bundles, and banners to end users individually, and in groups.

The following illustration shows the Entitlements page where you create and manage virtual marketplaces:

Generate reports of service utilization

As a service catalog administrator, you can view reports that provide real-time insight into service popularity, accrued costing, and supplier performance metrics set in the service level agreement.

You can also filter service requests as required, and view details of a selected service. You access the available reports from the Reports menu available on the main page header panel of BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

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Additional features for internal services suppliers

After you have mastered the initial internal service supplier tasks, explore the following features:

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