This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Managing virtual marketplaces by different users

Service catalog administrators, asset managers, and supplier administrators create virtual marketplaces to entitle published services, bundles, and banners to end users individually, and in groups.

The following illustration shows the Entitlements page where you create and manage virtual marketplaces:

BMC Digital Workplace Catalog users have the different capabilities for maintaining virtual marketplaces:

TaskCatalog administratorInternal service supplierAsset manager
Enable full catalog viewSupportedNot supportedNot supported
Maintain restricted services and bundles SupportedSupportedNot supported
View services and bundles entitled to a selected userSupportedSupportedNot supported
Create, updated, rename, delete virtual markeplacesSupportedSupportedSupported
Distribute services among virtual marketplacesNot supportedNot supportedSupported

To enable the full catalog view

Catalog administrators enable full catalog view to allow all users to view and request all services and bundles in the catalog, unless the items are included in the restricted entitlements list.

When the Enable full catalog view is toggled on, BMC Digital Workplace users will see a company preferred badge in the tiles of services to which they are entitled. For information about how services are displayed to end users, see Virtual marketplaces.

To restrict services to only entitled users

Catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can restrict some services and bundles from being displayed to end users when the full catalog view is enabled. 

To prevent certain services from appearing in the enhanced catalog when the full catalog view is enabled, add the services to the list of Restricted Services. Only users entitled to services thorough virtual marketplaces can view and request services available on the Restricted Services tab.

To review service entitlements by users

Catalog administrators and internal service suppliers can view services and bundles that are available to a selected user.

Select a user to view the services, bundles, and banners that have been entitled to that user.

To manage virtual marketplaces

Catalog administrators, internal service suppliers, and asset managers can update, rename, and delete virtual marketplaces that they have created.


Catalog administrators can manage virtual marketplaces created by other users.

For information about how to create and configure virtual marketplaces, see Creating virtual marketplace entitlements.

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