This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Managing service actions

As a catalog administrator or internal service supplier, you create and manage service actions  that can be associated with services available to end users in BMC Digital Workplace on their My Stuff page. 

When you create and add mandatory details to an action, you then perform the following tasks before the action can be used by end users:

  • Associate it with a published service
  • Activate it so the action becomes available for selection in the details of the service to which it is mapped

You manage service actions from the Service Actions page, which you access by selecting Services > Service Actions

All newly created service actions are by default inactive, and are displayed on the Inactive tab.  Both active and inactive service actions are displayed in the Actions lists of services they can be associated with. 

Comparison of service actions and services

Service actions are very similar to services because they include most of the service components:

  • Workflows and questionnaires
  • Service level agreements
  • Costs and prices
  • CMDB details

Unlike services, service actions have no catalog profile details, and no versions and revisions.

To create a service action

  1. Go to the Service Actions page, and click Create Action.
  2. In the Action Name field, enter a descriptive action name, such as To add more memory. 
    The Actions Options pane is displayed.
  3. Complete the required details for the service action components:


    A service action uses the same UI template as a service. Complete the required details for a service action template in the same way as you do when you create or edit a service.

    Service action componentValidationReference topic
    WorkflowRequiredWorkflows for service fulfillment
    QuestionnaireRequired if a workflow includes process input variablesCreating service questionnaires
    Service Level AgreementOptionalSetting service level agreements
    Cost & QuantityOptionalAdjusting service cost and quantity
  4. Save the changes.

To associate a service action with services and service categories

Service actions are available only for those services and service categories that are associated with them. 

  1. Open a service action that you want to map with services or categories.

  2. To associate a service action with a service category, perform the following steps: 

    1.  Next to Categories, click Add.

    2.  Select one or more service categories, and click Save.

  3. To associate a service action with one or more services, perform the following steps: 

    1. Next to Services, click Add

    2. Select one or more servics, and click Add.

To change a status of a service action

After you have created a service action, and mapped it to services and service categories, you must activate it to make it available for selection by end users. You might also need to deactivate service actions to make them temporarily unavailable for selection by end users, such as when a service action is undergoing some changes.

You can activate or deactivate a service action from the Actions Options pane by changing the Active toggle accordingly.

You can also change a status of a service action by clicking Actions and selecting one of the following options:

  • Activate—to make an inactive service action available to end users
  • Deactivate—to make an active service action unavailable to end users.

To edit a service action

You might need to edit the details of a service action, its name, or add translations.

  1. From the Service Actions page, select a service action that you want to modify, and select Actions > Open.
    The Actions Options pane is displayed.

  2. Make the necessary changes to the service action, and click Save.

To delete a service action

You can delete both active and inactive service actions at any time.

From the service actions list, select one or more service actions, and click Actions > Delete. You can also delete multiple service actions at a time by selecting multiple service actions.

If a service action is mapped with a service or a service category, you will be notified about potential risks as follows:

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