This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Integrating BMC Digital Workplace Catalog with BMC Integration Service

BMC Integration Service is an option for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced customers. Catalog administrators can use BMC Integration Service connectors to fulfill services.  Developers can create custom connectors in BMC Integration Service.

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Architecture overview

The following diagram illustrates the architecture for using BMC Integration Service with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. BMC Integration Service is a cloud product. You can integrate it with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog in the cloud or on premises.


Data flows through BMC Integration Service, but is not stored in BMC Integration Service. All transmission of data is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. 

For the BMC Digital Workplace architecture, see Hybrid deployment architecture and High availability deployment for production.

Process overview for using BMC Integration Service connectors in BMC Digital Workplace

The following diagram provides a high-level overview of using  BMC Integration Service with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog   to provide services that can be consumed by end users in the BMC Digital Workplace  client applications. For more information about any part of the process, click the applicable box in the diagram.

You can use existing BMC Integration Service connectors, in addition to connectors that you develop. To see what connectors are available, see Finding existing connectors.

Before you begin

If you are using BMC Digital Workplace Advanced Cloud 18.02 or later, use the self-service portal to request access to BMC Integration Service. If you are using BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 18.02 or later on premises, contact Support to request access to BMC Integration Service.

Build, configure, and deploy BMC Integration Service connectors and create a user in BMC Integration Service that BMC Digital Workplace Catalog will use to access the connectors. See the following topics in the BMC Integration Service online documentation:

To configure the integration with BMC Integration Service

  1. Click the configuration gear () to open Application Settings.
  2. In the Integration Service section, enter the URL of BMC Integration Service, your user name and password, and then click Save.
  3.  On the server where BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is installed, run the following commands to restart the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog:

    cd /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace
    # /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace is the installation folder 
    ./dwpcontroller stop
    ./dwpcontroller start -u dwpadmin -p dwppassword

    After you configure the integration, all available BMC Integration Service connectors become available for selection from the Connector list in the New Connection dialog box.  In a workflow, BMC Integration Services connectors are available from the Connector element.

    In a workflow, BMC Integration Services connectors are available from the Connector element:

BMC Integration Service custom connectors and BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

If you create custom connectors in BMC Integration Service, you can use them in a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog workflow to fulfill services. Optionally, you can extend the custom connectors to take advantage of any of the following BMC Digital Workplace Catalog advanced capabilities:

  • Importing services – Allow the catalog administrator to import services from the external system to the catalog
  • Import data sets – Allow the catalog administrator to use data sets from the external system to populate a list of responses in the service questionnaire
  • Perform data lookups – Allow the catalog administrator to use data from tables or forms from the external system in the service questionnaire

Where to go from here

Create a connection for each connector, as described in Configuring service connectors.

To create a service that uses the connector, you must first create a workflow, as described in Setting up workflow to open a JIRA issue through a BMC Integration Service connector

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