This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Importing service categories

Service catalog administrators can import categories from an external system that provides categories, or map external system categories to existing categories in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Before you begin

Create a connection to the external system, as described in Configuring service connectors.

Category import and mapping pane

Service catalog administrators can open the category import and mapping pane by either of the following ways:

  • From Manage Categories, select Actions > Import & Mapping.
  • From Catalog Queue, select Category Mapping.

To import categories from external systems

You can import one or more categories from an external system. When you import categories and their subcategories,BMC Digital Workplace Catalog shall retain the category and subcategory structure. You can also choose to import a single subcategory as a main level category.

  1. Open the category import and mapping pane.
  2. Under External Categories, filter and search to find the desired categories.
    Under BMC Digital Workplace Categories, the Matched Categories section shows existing categories that share all or a part of the same name.

  3. Click Import.
    If the category does not exist, it is created. If the category shares the exact spelling as an existing category, then the system creates a new category with an incremented number.

    If you import a category with its subcategories, click to view the imported category structure.

After you import the categories, you can map the external system categories to existing categories in your system.

To map imported categories to existing categories


Categories mapping works only for service request definitions (SRDs) that you import to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. The mapping does not work for SRDs that are not imported. These SRDs are shown in a separate category. 

You can choose to map external system categories to existing categories. The categories do not need to share the same name. Services that you import follow the category associations based on the mapping.

  1. Open the category import and mapping pane.
  2. Under External Categories, filter and search to find the desired category.
    You can select only one external category name to map at a time.

  3. Under BMC Digital Workplace Categories, select the categories that you want to map to the external system category from either Matched Categories or All Categories .
    You can map to multiple internal categories.

  4. Click Map.

You can view the mapping assignment from the Imported & Mapped tab.

To remove category mappings

You can unmap categories to remove the association for imported services. The existing services are not affected.

  1. Open the category import and mapping pane.
  2. Under BMC Digital Workplace Categories, go to Imported & Mapped.
  3. Find the category with the association to remove.
  4. Click the link to the number of mapped categories, and select the category or categories to unmap.
  5. Click Unmap to remove the association.

Unmapping categories does not delete the categories from your system. To maintain your category list, go to Category Management.


To remove the mappings from multiple categories at once, under Imported & Mapped, select the desired categories and click Unmap next to the search box.

Where to go from here

Enable the categories in the service type template. For more information, see Adding service templates.

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  1. Peter Guggenbuhl

    Hi, You should separately mention that mapping categories only works for SRD's that you import into the DWPA Service Catalog. The Mapping does not work for SRD's that are not imported. These SRD's are shown in a separate Category. It is very important to mention this. Perhaps with an example. You should also mention that it is possible to show the SRD Categories on the same level as the DWPA Catalog Services . See also Case 00675529 Mapping SRD Categories with DWPA categories not working Thanks and regards, Peter

    Apr 02, 2019 01:53
    1. Ievgeniia Afinogenova

      Thank you Peter, I've added a corresponding note to this topic. The change will be available here after the publish.

      May 27, 2019 09:50