This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Enabling and configuring the enhanced catalog for BMC Digital Workplace

The BMC Digital Workplace enhanced catalog provides rich profiles and categories for catalog items, bundles, and promotional banners. For examples of this dynamic self-service experience, see Enhanced catalog.

This topic describes how BMC Digital Workplace Administrators enable an enhanced catalog in BMC Digital Workplace, and configure a connection to a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server.

Before you begin

The enhanced catalog is enabled by the additional BMC Digital Workplace Catalog application.

  • Verify that you have or are planning to install the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog on a separate server or cluster. For more information, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.
  • Verify that you have or can create a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog user with standard user permissions. This account should be used only for running background tasks such as sending notifications to end users when requests are being processed. For instructions about how to create the background process, or system notification user, see Setting up user accounts and granting access to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.
  • Before end users can browse categories and request services through the enhanced catalog, they must have a user account of Read license type in the enhanced catalog server database. A system administrator must copy the Remedy IT Service Management user database into the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog user database. For more information, see Copying users from Remedy ITSM into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog.

Information required for the enhanced catalog configuration

The following information is required to configure a connection between BMC Digital Workplace and BMC Digital Workplace Catalog:


If you are using  BMC Digital Workplace Catalog , BMC configures the enhanced catalog for you.

If you are running BMC Digital Workplace Advanced on-premises, ask your system administrator to provide the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog configuration information for you to enable the enhanced catalog.

Web address of the catalog source


The web address to the API endpoint  includes:

URL segmentExamplesComment

http (standard)

https (SSL-configured)

Identifies whether an SSL connection is required to access the enhanced catalog source.
Server URLyour-myit-service-broker-url.comContains the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the server, or the load balancer of the server cluster.
Port number

8008 (standard)

8443 or 443 (SSL-configured)

Specifies the application server port number. Your system administrator can provide the assigned port number, or tell you if your system is configured to not require a port number.
API endpoint/api/myit-sb

Points to the API endpoint used by the application scripts.

Tenant domain name

A single instance of BMC Digital Workplace can display the enhanced catalog of a single tenant, identified by a domain name.

Domaincalbroservices.comTenant domain identifier.

Credentials used by the notification system

These credentials can be used for any valid user account with the Administrator role in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. Specify a user account that is used only for background services.

Usersys_notificationDo not add the tenant domain in the enhanced catalog configuration.
Password5Y5_n0tification!Password for the system notifications user.

Enabling an enhanced catalog in BMC Digital Workplace

To enable an enhanced catalog in the BMC Digital Workplace, the BMC Digital Workplace Administrator must perform the following tasks:

To enable support for the enhanced catalog

  1. In the  BMC Digital Workplace Administration Console, go to Configuration.
  2. Select Enable Features, and then Enhanced Catalog to enable the feature.
    Watch for the message to indicate that the feature is enabled.

To configure a connection between BMC Digital Workplace and BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

BMC Digital Workplace can be connected to a single BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server. For information about configuration details required to enable the connection, see Information required for the enhanced catalog configuration.

  1. In the  BMC Digital Workplace Administration Console, go to Configuration.
  2. Under Configuration, select Enhanced Catalog.
  3. Enter the information required for the enhanced catalog configuration:

  4. Click Save.
    Self-service users who are currently logged in will see the enhanced catalog the next time they log in.

When the enhanced catalog is enabled and configured, end users with Read license type in the enhanced catalog server database, can view and request services and bundles they are entitled to access. For more details about service entitlements, see Entitling end users to services, bundles, and banners.

Where to go from here

Setting up sections in the Catalog

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  1. Ariel Manka

    Attempting to access /api/myit-sb endpoint results with an error: messageType"ERROR" messageText"Unknown system error" moreInfo""messageAppendedText" HTTP 404 Not Found" messageNumber8790

    Aug 08, 2018 11:48
    1. Ravee Panjwani

      Hi Ariel,

      I'm not sure which version of BMC Digital Workplace you are using, but I just posted a response to your comment on the 18.05 version of the documentation here → Enabling and configuring the enhanced catalog for BMC Digital Workplace.


      Aug 08, 2018 01:30
      1. Ariel Manka

        Hi Praveen,

        I'm using 18.02. Thanks for pointing response you sent to 18.05. Now, I understand the meaning of the URL but can you explain why I get HTTP 404 Not Found error?

        Aug 17, 2018 11:18
        1. Ravee Panjwani

          Hi Ariel,

          You get the error because the URL is only to be used for configuration, and not designed to be accessed directly. 

          I just wanted to let you know that you can also initiate and participate in discussions using other channels. For more information, please see Additional resources from BMC.


          Aug 20, 2018 07:31
          1. Andreas Mitterdorfer

            I'm facing the same message when configuring 18.11. Does your comment mean, that we can ignore this message? If we can ignore it then it's strange that the message appears in the first place or at least is should be documented.

            Dec 04, 2018 06:21
            1. Ravee Panjwani

              Thanks for your comment, Andreas. I saw another comment where you mentioned an additional / depicted in a screenshot caused the error. Did removing that resolve your issue?


              Dec 05, 2018 03:16
  2. Ariel Manka

    Another issue with configuration. After completing creation of sys_notifications as described here: (Note, that sys_notification account does not show up on User form ) I tried to enable support for the enhanced catalog. Each time I get error: There was a problem verifying the connection with your user account. The settings have been saved. Authentication failed. Please check the username and password. ERROR (8790): Unknown system error. [ERROR (623): Authentication failed;]

    Aug 17, 2018 11:22