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Capturing process information and passing it into a workflow

Most workflow activities pass data to an external system in order to process fulfillment.

Activities expose the required and optional input fields to the process workflow. Activities can return a response from the external system to inform the status of the activity. The response from one activity can be mapped to the input parameter of another.

As a service catalog administrator or internal service supplier, you could choose to enter data directly into the activity's input fields. However, you can also create process inputs to capture user request data at the time of the request.

Information captured during a service request

BMC Digital Workplacecollects process context and process input information from a service request and a service. This information can be passed to a workflow associated with the service request. 

The following illustration shows how the information is collected and passed to a workflow:

Process information

A service request includes details of a service generated from a service request definition. When an end user submits a service request, the following information can be passed to the workflow:

  • Process input information—Answers to the questions that are part of the service questionnaires (for more details about questions, see Creating service questionnaires).
  • Process context information:
    • Details automatically generated from a service request (for example, a user login name or the email address of the user who requested the service)
    • Information automatically generated from the service request definition:
      • Service profile (for example, ID of the service in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog)
      • Costs and prices (for example, service yearly cost)
      • Service Level Agreements information (for example, service provisioning time)


Service questionnaires can include process questions and nonprocess questions. Only answers to process questions can be passed to a workflow.

Before you begin

Open an existing workflow or create a new workflow, as described in Exploring the workflow designer.

To capture and pass information into a workflow 

  1. Create one ore more of the required process variables:
  2. Map the created process variables with the input parameters of a corresponding action.  For more information how to map the variables, see Using responses from a connected system in your workflow.

Where to go from here

Creating service questionnaires

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