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Calling a custom approval process

The Request Approval workflow in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog gives workflows the capability to trigger an approval process in the BMC Remedy Action Request System Approval Server. The default approval process used by the Request Approval workflow sends a request to the manager of the user identified by the Requested For User Id.

IT administrators can create new processes in the BMC Remedy AR System Approval Server that service catalog administrators can call from a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog workflow, and then end users can request services containing custom approvals. This topic describes the end-to-end flow of actions that need to be performed so that end users can request for services containing a custom approval.

Before you begin

To execute the steps described below, you should be familiar with:

  • Creating a Workflow to request approval using the Call Activity process
  • Creating custom approval processes in BMC Approval Central (see the Related topics)
Related topics

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Setting up the approval process (BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1 online documentation)

Configuring a custom approval process for Digital Workplace Advanced (BMC Communities)

To create a custom approval process 

  1. Log into the AR System as the admin user.
  2. Select Quick Links > Approval Administration Console to view the Approval Server configuration.

    The default approval process used by BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is called SB Request Manager Approval, and is linked to the form named SB:ServiceRequestStub.

  3. In the Approval Server, create a new approval process and link it to the SB:ServiceRequestStub form. All approval processes that will be called from BMC Digital Workplace Catalog must be linked to the SB:ServiceRequestStub form.


This example uses a copy of the SB Request Manager Approval process named SB Request Self Approve. Instead of sending the approval request to the requested-for user's manager for a signature, the SB Request Self Approve process sends a request for approval to the requested-for user instead of the requested-for user's manager.

One use of a self-approval workflow could be useful to ensure that requests on-behalf of another user are approved by the on-behalf-of user.

You can replace this approval workflow with any other approval process that you configure.

To create a service containing a custom request approval

  1. In BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, build a workflow to request approval. Insert the name of the new process in the Approval Process Name field.

  2. Attach this workflow to a service.

To request a service with custom approval in BMC Digital Workplace

The following example shows the user's activity timeline after requesting the service, to show that the request called the custom approval process instead of the default.

Where to go from here

Complete remaining aspects of the workflow, as described in Workflows for service fulfillment. If the workflow is complete, complete remaining aspects of the service, as described in Enhanced service catalog process overview.

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