This documentation supports the 18.02 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Approving and publishing services

Service approval is part of the service publishing workflow. When the service is submitted for approval as part of this workflow, the service is set to a Pending status. As a service catalog administrator, you can choose to approve and publish services into your catalog, or reject service submissions. When you reject a service, all administrators are notified in the dashboard of the reason for the rejection.

Services must be published before they can appear in the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog service catalog and before users can be entitled to view and request the service. You can publish a service once it has been defined with a catalog profile. However, a service will still need a workflow (and a related questionnaire) in order to process fulfillment. A service version can have only one revision in Published status.

Before you begin

Before you submit a service for approval, create the service, as described in Adding and updating services.

To submit a service for approval

  1. Go to Services > My Services.
  2. Double click a service with a revision in Draft status.
  3. With the Draft status highlighted, select Actions > Submit for approval.

To approve and publish services

  1. Go to Services > My Services.
  2. Double click a service with a revision in Pending status.
  3. With the Pending status highlighted, select Actions > Approve & Publish.

You can also approve and publish services that are waiting in the Pending tab.

Rejected services

The Rejected tab shows the service revisions that were submitted, but rejected by a service catalog administrator. You can take any of the following actions on rejected services:

EditOpen the details of a service. Use this option to make changes that are needed before the service can be approved and published. Any changes that you make are saved into a new Draft revision and do not affect the current Published version.
PreviewView a preview of the service catalog profile as it would be shown to self-service users
Approve & publishSubmit the service and directly publish into the catalog.
DeleteRemove all revisions of this service.

Published services

The Published services tab shows only the services that are available for requesting by self-service users.

When you edit a service revision in Published status, you do not modify the revision details. Instead, the system creates a new revision in Draft status in which to apply the edits. You can continue to edit the draft revision until you are ready to submit the revision through the publishing process. When the latest revision is published, the currently published revision shall be set to Approved status.

To remove published services from the catalog

You can remove published services from the catalog as follows:

  • Reject–Remove one or more services from the catalog and set the revision status to Rejected.
  • Unpublish–Remove one or more services from the catalog and set the status to Approved.

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