The BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Amazon Web Services software development kit (CLM AWS SDK) provides a normalized and homogenous interface to manage your Amazon Web Services cloud and other on-premises cloud providers such as VMware. It also provides API access to the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management stack and the AWS cloud.

The following topics are designed to enable you to quickly leverage the capabilities of CLM AWS SDK:

Getting started with CLM AWS SDK

Describes the basics of the CLM AWS SDK.

Configuring the CLM AWS SDKProvides the procedure for configuring the CLM AWS SDK.
CLM AWS SDK use cases

Lists the CLM AWS SDK use cases and includes the file, which contains the complete end-to-end use cases code and configurations.

CLM AWS SDK syntax and usageDescribes the syntax and usage of the CLM AWS SDK.
CLM AWS SDK reference

Provides a detailed description of the CLM AWS SDK methods.

For detailed API reference of the CLM AWS SDK methods, refer to the apiclient-1.0.0-javadoc.jar file.

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Prerequisites for using the CLM AWS SDK

Before using the CLM AWS SDK, ensure that you have performed the following tasks:

  • Set up the AWS provider or VMware on-premise provider and have configured the settings for Amazon or vCenter provisioning correspondingly. For provider-specific details, see Consolidated list of configuration settings for Amazon provisioning or Consolidated list of configuration settings for vCenter provisioning.
  • Specified Amazon EC2 Client access credentials in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • Created or onboarded the network container by using BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • Created a tenant in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • Mapped the network container with the tenant in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • Created and mapped an entitlement package with the tenant in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • Used CLMEC2Client instead of AmazonEC2Client in your code base.

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Downloading the CLM AWS SDK

Download the file from BMC Communities and extract it in the folder structure of your choice.


You do not need to install the CLM AWS SDK.

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Supported operations

The CLM AWS SDK supports the following operations for the AWS cloud and the on-premises cloud provider (VMware):

  • Provisioning an instance 
  • Describing an instance
  • Describing an instance's status
  • Describing an instance's attributes
  • Rebooting an instance
  • Starting an instance
  • Stopping an instance
  • Terminating an instance


To view the known issues details of the CLM AWS SDK, see Known and corrected issues for BMC ZipKits for Cloud.

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The following compatibility matrix lists the supported AWS SDK and BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management releases:

CLM AWS SDK versionBMC Cloud Lifecycle Management versionAWS version
4.1.00 and later

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.07aws-java-sdk-1.11.261.jar
BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.00aws-java-sdk-1.8.11.jar

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.5.00

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.1.00aws-java-sdk-1.8.11.jar

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For more information

See the AWS SDK documentation on the Amazon Web Services technical documentation site.

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