4.6.00 Install Planner simplification

This topic provides a list of the enhancements included in version 4.6.00 of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution. It also provides an overview of how to get started with the new version. The topic includes the following sections:

Version 4.6.00 enhancements

Version 4.6.00 is available on the Customer Support website at http://www.bmc.com/support

The following table outlines the features in this release and where you can find more information:




Install and upgrade

Planner preanalyzes your environment to make installations and upgrades easier and more reliable

Provides a proactive way to keep install planner flow smooth during upgrade/install. This will help you to analyse your environment before install or upgrade Cloud LifeCycle Management. This includes number of checks required to install or upgrade on your environment. For example, check to see if your AR system meets recommended value for CPU and Disk. In case of upgrade, you can analyse your environment without downtime. The 4.6.00 release includes the following important changes to the install planner:

  • New utility preanalyzes your environment for possible errors.  
  • Automates all pre-checks of your environment.
  • Generates a "report card" of your environment that provides a high-level overall status of the target servers. 
  • Generates an HTML report that checks your environment and lists recommendations to fix it (for example, correct versions of JREs, operating systems, RPMs, correct AR System license check, host connectivity, and many more).
    Easily integrates all BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management components.
  • Lets you easily restart the install planner if the install or upgrade fails due to environment or unknown issues.
  • Reliably upgrades your environments.
 Controls install/upgrade flowStrictly enforces the install and upgrade flow so that you install individual components in a required sequence. 
 Communicates with RSCD agent and NSHMonitors your RSCD/NSH communication while install/upgrade of individual components and inform user accordingly. This will prevent unwanted exceptions or failure during install/upgrade and installation.
 Logs installation and upgrade activityProvide all related steps and suggestsions to user whenever possible through install planner more precisely instead of re-directing user to documentation. 

2AR1AR utility

Greatly optimizes and simplifies upgrades. In this release, time taken to merge the servers into one AR System server has considerably reduced.

Product versions and compatibility

For detailed information about versions, service pack, and patch levels for the products installed in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.00, see Component BMC product service pack and patch levels for version 4.6.

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Downloading the files

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

Download all the files in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.00 folder.

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Installing the version as a fresh installation

  1. If you do not already have BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management installed in your environment, perform the procedures in the Installing section using the downloaded files.
  2. Ensure that the supported products are at the latest service pack or patch level listed in the following table. Review especially any required hotfixes

    Required productsVersion in 4.6 installer

    BMC Atrium Core


    BMC Atrium Core Web Registry8.1.01
    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content
    (cloud-specific content)

    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform, including:

    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator – Configuration Distribution Peer
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator – Configuration Distribution Peer (High Availability)

    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, including:

    • Cloud Database Extensions
    • Cloud Platform Manager
    • Cloud Portal AR Extensions

    BMC Network Automation , including:

    • (Optional) BMC Network Automation – Device Agent
    BMC Remedy Action Request System8.1.01
    BMC Remedy Mid Tier8.1.02 (8.1.SP02 Patch 001 201512021621 Hotfix)
    BMC Remedy Service Request Management8.1.01

    BMC Server Automation, including:

    • BMC Server Automation – Application Server and Console
    • BMC Server Automation – Virtual Center Agent (installed manually)
    • (Optional) BMC Server Automation – Advanced Repeater
    • (Optional) BMC Server Automation – PXE Server
    • (Optional) BMC Server Automation – File Server
    8.7 Patch 1


If you want to use third-party providers such as Azure, OpenStack, and IBM Bluemix Infrastructure with 4.6.00, do not install these providers separately. Instead, install 4.6.03.

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Upgrading to the new version

If you are upgrading from any previous version to version 4.6, you must review the items in the Preparing for upgrades topic to successfully complete the upgrade process. Ensure that the supported products are at the latest service pack or patch level listed in Component BMC product service pack and patch levels


Upgrading BMC Service Level Management in Enterprise-AR Primary and Secondary is not supported in 4.6. 

You do not need to perform the data migration steps while upgrading from version 3.1 to 3.1.01. You can upgrade your system by performing the steps listed in the Upgrading section. 

 Click here to see the pre-upgrade tasks.

If you are using the existing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management version 2.1.x, 3.0.x, or 3.1.x host to launch the version 4.6 installation program, then perform the following tasks prior to upgrading:

  1. Uninstall the existing planner version. To uninstall the existing planners, perform the following steps:
    • Microsoft Windows: Go to the <Planner Install Directory\UninstallBMCPlanner> folder and run the uninstall.bat file. Example: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Planner\UninstallBMCPlanner.
    • Linux: Go to the <Planner Install Directory/UninstallBMCPlanner> folder and run the uninstall.sh file. Example:  /opt/bmc/Planner/UninstallBMCPlanner.
  2. Backup all the installer-related files from the following location:
    • Microsoft Windows: c:\windows\temp and %temp% folders
    • Linux: \tmp folder
  3. Delete all the uninstall files from both of the above locations.

BMC recommends that you restart the Microsoft Windows computer after performing the pre-upgrade tasks.  

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