Integrating with BMC Change Management


Support for integrating BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management with BMC Remedy OnDemand has been discontinued and will be removed fully in the next service pack release planned in 2018. BMC is no longer providing support for this integration.

BMC Change Management is a component of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite that provides the ability to plan, schedule, implement, and track changes that need to be completed within your cloud infrastructure.

  • For fresh installations, BMC Change Management integration is only enabled with remote ITSM server. You must follow the following procedures  to complete the integration and to enable change integration for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management use cases.
  • For upgrades from 4.x, there is no change in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Change Management integration, because BMC Remedy IT Service Management is part of Enterprise-AR. Or, you can also enable remote change integration post-upgrade. But you must choose Change Management either during the upgrade or after the upgrade; you cannot choose both. 

The following topics provide information and instructions for integrating BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management with BMC Change Management. 

Overview of the BMC Change Management integration

This topic provides an overview of the integration with BMC Change Management, including a short video on the benefits of integrating BMC Change Management with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

The topic also provides an overview of how the out-of-the-box integration with BMC Change Management works and how BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management service requests use the change policies.

Four paths for integrating:

These topics describe the various ways to integrate BMC Remedy Change Management with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Managing change policy mappingsThis topic describes how you can modify the mapping between change policies and templates for a provider.
Managing change policy mappings for particular tenantsThis topic describes how you can modify the mapping between change policies and templates for particular tenants.
Assigning a change policy to a service offering

This topic provides a description of the out-of-the-box change policies and describes how to associate a change policy with a service offering in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

The cloud administrator or a user with administrator permissions creating a service offering determines which change policy should be associated to the service offering. The end user who selects the service offering instance is typically unaware of the underlying change policy associated with that service offering.

Extending change integration for storageThis topic describes how to configure change management for operator actions related to storage (attach, detach and decommission).
Deleting a providerThis topic describes how to delete an ITSM provider.

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