Performing the installation

If you are installing the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution for the first time and you do not have any of the products from the solution already installed in your environment, you will be performing a new deployment. To install the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, see the following topics:

For start-to-finish instructions, see Installing Compact Deployment Windows for version 4.5.

The following installation flowchart explains the options to chose in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Installer, depending on your environment and requirements.

For all new deployments, you choose the New Deployment option in the installer only when you launch the installer the first time. For all subsequent runs of the installer, you choose the Modify Existing Deployment option.

For all stand-alone products that exist in your environment, upgrade them to the versions supported by BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management before you integrate them with the solution. Depending on the stand-alone product, you might need to perform different set of steps to integrate the product as outlined in the flowchart. For example, the steps required to integrate an existing installation of BMC Network Automation are different from the steps required to integrate BMC Remedy AR System.

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End-to-end installation flow

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