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User goals and features

The following topics provide an overview of the key features of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. 

User goal or featureDescription

Services are the most visible part of your cloud, representing the value IT adds to the business. Your compute, network, and storage resources work together to support the services end users request through the BMC My Cloud Services Console.

This topic provides overview information about BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management services.

Resource management

Resource management is the practice of onboarding, pooling, and visualization of resources in the cloud.

This topic provides an overview of managing cloud resources with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Resource types

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management is structured to use two general categories of resources:

  • Infrastructure resources
  • Cloud resources 

This topic provides an overview of the following specific resource types:

Tenant management

A tenant in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can be a company, organization, or any other group of users. The use of tenants in the cloud allows a company or service provider to segregate companies or organizations in the cloud, and to control the visibility and permissions to offerings in the Service Catalog.

 This topic describes the concept of tenant management and multitenancy in relation to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Policy management

The Service Governor defines policies that determine how cloud end user requests get mapped to underlying resources. Policies specify the automatic selection of compute, network, and storage pools during provisioning. Policies also let cloud administrators specify selection of resources based on customer-based attributes, such as tenants, service quality, and performance.

This topic contains an overview of tags and tag groups and policies.

Quota management

In BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, you can determine the ability to allocate and monitor resources to a tenant or to a cloud user. By default, unlimited quota is allocated to the tenants and maximum quota is allocated to the cloud users.

A cloud administrator can determine the number of resources to be allocated to any tenant depending upon the tenant's requirement. Cloud users are assigned quota from the tenant quota to which they belong.

This topic provides an overview of quota management in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.