Key concepts

This section describes the key concepts to help you be successful with your BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management implementation. For more information, see the following topics:

Product overview

This topic explains the business value of the BSM for Cloud Computing initiative and describes the associated value paths that enable you to be successful with your cloud implementation. It includes sections that discuss:

User goals and features 

The topics in this section provide an overview of the key features of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management:

Getting started by user role

This topic describes the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management user roles for cloud environments, each of which has different sets of responsibilities:

  • Cloud end user, who requests services through the cloud
  • Cloud tenant administrator, who is responsible for monitoring a subset of resources in the cloud
  • Cloud administrator, who is responsible for the full lifecycle of the cloud environment, including initial planning, deployment, configuration, and continued administration, operation, and maintenance
  • Developer, who is responsible for customizing and expanding the capabilities of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
ArchitectureThe topics in this section provide an overview of the solution architecture as well as a description of the tiers and product components in the solution.
Networking modelsThis topic provides links to BMC Network Automation online technical documentation topics  that provide information about the models used for BMC Network Automation cloud implementations.
GlossaryThis topic defines the terms commonly used in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management documentation.

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Understanding CLM-Speak

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