Getting started with the product

The topics in this section contain information to help you get started using BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. This section includes the following scenario topics:

Setting up and using PaaS provisioningBMC Cloud Lifecycle Management lets you provision a solution stack on top of a computing platform. This functionality is called platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provisioning. This topic describes the full process necessary to set up and use PaaS provisioning.

Setting up and using physical server provisioning

Setting up and using bare-metal VM provisioning 

Setting up and using VM provisioning (from VMware VM template) 

Using BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Server Automation, you can prepare and provision the following server types into the cloud:

  • Physical server
  • Bare-metal virtual machine
  • Virtual machine with template

You perform the preparatory tasks in BMC Server Automation, making the server and related packages available to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. You prepare and initiate the server provisioning request in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

This set of topics provide an overview and detailed instructions for provisioning servers using BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Server Automation.

Getting started by user role

This topic discusses the following BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management user roles for cloud environments:

  • Cloud end user, who requests services through the cloud
  • Cloud tenant administrator, who is responsible for monitoring a subset of resources in the cloud
  • Cloud administrator, who is responsible for the full lifecycle of the cloud environment, including initial planning, deployment, configuration, and continued administration, operation, and maintenance
  • Developer, who is responsible for customizing and expanding the capabilities of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
Networking use casesThis topic describes the use cases for the interactions between BMC Network Automation and BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
Calbro Services scenarioCalbro Services is a fictional company that helps to illustrate how BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management principles are used in practice. Learning how Calbro Services uses BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management scenarios should prove useful as you use the solution in your own environment.

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