Getting started with Code Review 1.7 on RHEL 5.9 ZipKit

Code Review is the process of making pieces of source code available for other developers to review, with the intention of catching bugs and design errors before the code becomes part of the product. Code Review dramatically helps in the quality of products. By catching mistakes early, a lot of bad problems in a product can be avoided.

Not all companies or developers take advantage of Code Review, but more and more are making it a part of their development culture and requirements.

This topic contains the following sections:

Where to download the ZipKit

What is in the ZipKit

The zipKit can contain the following packages:

BlueprintContains all the deployment models associated with the blueprint and blueprint options (if any).
Service Catalog
Contains all the services in the service catalog associated with the service blueprint.
Service OfferingContains all the service offerings in the service associated with the service blueprint.
Requestable OfferingContains the requestable offering in the service offering associated with the service blueprint.
BSAContains the software package files, system package associated with the service blueprint, and NSH script (if any).
AO Contains the BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow (if any).

Prerequisites for the ZipKit

  • Ensure that you have created a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 (RHEL 5.9) VM template in the vCenter. For more information, see Setting up and using VM provisioning (from VMware VM template).
  • While creating the RHEL 5.9 template, choose the following options for RHEL 5.9 operating system:

    • Base System - Base
    • Development - Development Tools and Development Libraries
    • Desktop: Desktop, Desktop Platform, X Window System 
  • Disable IPv6
  • Disable SELinux

Where to go next

Importing the ZipKit for Code Review 1.7 on RHEL 5.9

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