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Third-party provider types

If you use a third-party solution for building and managing cloud infrastructure, you can integrate that infrastructure as a provider type in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. Using external provider types enables you to leverage your existing investments in cloud infrastructure.

The topics in this section provide information and instructions for installing, setting up, preparing, and using an external resource provider:

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.5.00 provides the following zipkits on BMC Communities:

The following table describes the benefits of configuring BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management with some of the out-of-the-box third party platforms:

ProviderBenefits of configuration
Amazon EC2

Following are a few of the benefits of using the Amazon EC2 external provider:

  • Provisioning — BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can provision the servers — on demand and just in time — that are required in the Amazon cloud for project launch. Unlike traditional hardware purchases, you have no waiting period. Moreover, you are not locked into a minimum usage period. Therefore, you can save even more money by decommissioning the servers when they are longer being used.
  • Operational Control — Manage Amazon cloud servers from the same portal as your private cloud servers - the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management portal.
  • Software deployment — BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can deploy software on servers whether they are provisioned from an on-premise cluster or from the Amazon cloud. Software versions, compliance packages, and other cloud computing choices can be layered on top of a single blueprint, which greatly reduces the complexity that a cloud administrator faces.

The OpenStack integration with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management enables you to leverage the cloud computing services of the OpenStack Provider from the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console. You can use BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to provision infrastructure from OpenStack.

VMware vCloud

The VMware vCloud provider type is available out-of-the-box. To register it, you specify account, connection, and ownership information. After registering your VMware vCloud provider type, you onboard and offboard a Logical Data Center (Organizational Virtual Datacenter or Org vDC in the VMware context). You map BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management tenants to the Logical Data Center, then associate Logical Data Center organizations and vCloud users with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management tenants.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.