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This topic and its subtopics describe how to create services that cloud users can request from the BMC My Cloud Services Console. 

A service describes a function or capability that a cloud administrator makes available to users in the cloud. Application stacks, single servers, and adding a new account to a Microsoft Exchange server are all examples of services. For more general information about services, see Services overview.

A service blueprint enables you to design, manage, and build all of the underlying components, operations, and resource sets that define a service. A service blueprint is required to create a requestable service. For overview information, see Service blueprints overview.

You can group requestable offerings into packages, to which different tenants can be entitled. This makes it easier for service providers to partition and manage services created specifically for particular tenants.

For additional information about requestable services, see the following topics:

The following video (5:56) provides an overview of the Service Catalog workspace, which is where you create requestable services.


To create requestable services and make them available to cloud users

  1. Create service blueprints, as described in Building service blueprints.
  2. Create services, service offerings, and requestable offerings in the Service Catalog, as described in Creating services.
  3. Create packages of requestable offerings that tenant users can access, as described in Creating entitlement packages.
  4. Assign packages to tenants, as described in Managing entitlement packages.

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.