The TrueSight Cloud Cost Control installation process requires you to complete your planning activities before starting the preparatory, installation, and post-installation tasks. The installation flow diagram and the process table enable you to install the product smoothly.

Installation process — At a glance

Installation process

Follow the sequence below.

Step 1: Complete the planning activities

As an administrator, use this information to plan a new deployment of TrueSight Cloud Cost Control.


Planning activities include deployment options and sizing information for your environment.


Step 2: Prepare for TrueSight Cloud Cost Control installation

Complete the preinstallation tasks to ensure a successful installation.


Download the installation files and install the shared architectural components of Capacity Optimization.

Step 3: Install TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

Perform the TrueSight Cloud Cost Control installation.


Install the Cloud Cost Control package.

Installing TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

Step 4: Complete the post-installation activities

Complete the post-installation activities to make your TrueSight Cloud Cost Control product functional.


Post-installation activities include authorizing users to access TrueSight Cloud Cost Control and configuring the data collection.

What next?

BMC releases periodic product updates through feature packs and fix packs. Check the  Release notes and notices Open link section for the latest product updates and apply the ones relevant to your environment.

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