11.5.00 enhancements

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control 11.5.00 offers the following key features and enhancements:

New workflow to manage resource usage recommendations

Ability to perform actions on resource usage recommendations

As a capacity planner, you can now use the Resource usage page to take appropriate actions on idle VMs and overallocated VMs by reviewing recommendations. You can decide to ignore the recommendations or commit VMs to implement the recommendations manually. For more information, see Administering the resource usage recommendations.

Automatic implementation of recommendations for AWS VMs

For AWS VMs, you can also send action requests for automatic implementation of recommendations. You can achieve this by integrating TrueSight Cloud Cost Control with TrueSight Cloud Cost Service. For more information, see Integrating with TrueSight Cloud Cost Service to enable automated implementation of recommendations.

Support for AWS and Azure government cloud entities

Enhancements to data collection

The following ETL modules are enhanced to support data collection from Government cloud entities:

Enhanced cloud migration simulation

You can now simulate the migration of your virtual machines to AWS or Azure government subscriptions. The Settings page now has a new property to include regions from Government cloud subscriptions in the simulation results. For more information, see Configuring migration simulation and recommendation settings.

Support for AWS CloudWatch agent

The Amazon Web Services - AWS API Extractor module is now enhanced to support data collection from the CloudWatch agent. For more information, see Collecting EC2 instance metrics using the CloudWatch agent.

Support for OpenJDK

The shared architectural components of TrueSight Capacity Optimization except Capacity Agent now use OpenJDK. For more information, see Support for Java.

Enhanced upgrade documentation

The TrueSight Cloud Cost Control upgrade documentation is redesigned for ease of use. The highlights are:

  • A sequenced path to perform the upgrade.
  • Better navigational assistance with the “Where you are” map and information about the next step in the upgrade process.
  • Every upgrade procedure is designed as an end-to-end topic for better readability and to avoid page switching.

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