Managing Users

To manage the users that have been granted access to BMC Helix Cloud Cost, select Configure icon > UsersThe Users page lists the name, email addresses, and roles of all current users who have been granted access to the service. This enables collaboration between multiple users for a specific tenant, and enables the tenant to determine the permission levels of all users who access Cloud Cost.


  • From the 22.1 release, the Users option under the Configure icon is disabled. To view the Users page, use the following the URL:
    https://<<Tenant URL>>/cloudops/#/manage/users

  • We recommend managing users, roles, and permissions from BMC Helix Portal. For more information, see the following topics:
    • User access Open link
    • Setting up roles and permissions Open link

You can view, modify, or delete users from BMC Helix Portal and BMC Helix Cloud Cost. To add a user from the BMC Helix Portal, you must log in to BMC Helix Portal as a tenant administrator and perform the changes. To access BMC Helix Portal, click the link in your welcome email from BMC. For details, see  Setting up users for console access. Open link

A new user that you create in BMC Helix Portal is granted the No Access role in BMC Helix Cloud Cost by default. When this user logs in to BMC Helix Portal and launches BMC Helix Cloud Cost , the user is directed to the page that displays the access denial message. To access the BMC Helix Cloud Cost dashboard and view data, a tenant administrator must assign the required role to this user.

Adding a user

When you add a user in BMC Helix Cloud Cost, you also assign the role for the user within the service.

  1. From the Users page, click Add Users.
  2. In the Invite Users pop-up, enter the email address of the user to whom you want to send an invitation. 
  3. Select the relevant role for the user. For details about the privileges available to each role, see roles and permissions.
  4. Click Add User.
  5. From the Organization/Tenant list, select the organization for the user.

  6. Click Send Invitation.

An invitation request email is sent to the provided email address. The email receiver can click Sign Up in the invitation email to register for the same BMC Helix Cloud Cost tenant account. After registration, the user can sign in to BMC Helix Cloud Cost with permissions that were granted by the administrator. For details about user registration, see Getting started.

Deleting a user

As an administrator, you can delete users that are no longer a member of the tenant. For example, you could delete the user if the contract for an employee who was invited to join an organization might have ended, or if a contractor must no longer have access to BMC Helix Cloud Cost and the user data. Users that are deleted can no longer log in to the tenant again. Users that are members of multiple tenants can log in only to the tenants where the user is still active. Users that have been deleted from all tenants can not access BMC Helix Cloud Cost; however, they can be invited to re-join the organization as a new user.

  1. Click Configure icon and select Users.
  2. On the Users page, select the users that you want to delete and click Delete Users.
    You cannot delete all users. At least one user must be associated with an organization.

  3. Confirm the deletion.

Roles and permissions 

FeaturesSecurity AuditorOperations AdminOperatorSecurity EngineerSecurity ArchitectView-onlyCloud Security AdminAdmin
Cost actionsNAViewInvokeNANAViewInvoke, ManageInvoke, Manage
ConnectorEvaluate NowManageEvaluate NowMap and Evaluate NowViewViewManageManage
Remediation/ActionsViewViewInvokeManageViewViewInvoke, ManageInvoke, Manage
ReportsManage Own ReportManage Own ReportManage Own ReportManage Own ReportManage Own ReportViewManage All ReportsManage All Reports
Resource PoolViewManageManageManageViewViewManageManage
Transaction ExportExportExportExportExportViewExportExport
WorkflowViewViewInvoke, ViewViewViewViewManageManage

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