The following definitions apply to terms you find in the BMC Helix Cloud Cost UI or as part of the typical business use cases for using the service.


The company that is registered to use BMC Helix Cloud Cost Service.

ApplicationAn application is a component that performs a specific business function within the business service. It typically contains multiple technology layers. For example, a marketing site, or e-cart applications. 
Business service

An IT service that directly supports a business process. For example, financial services, online banking services delivered by banks to its customers, or Human Resource (HR) services delivered by an HR department.


A ready-to-use collector that can be configured to collect data from various sources and to send it to BMC Helix Cloud Cost Service for evaluation.

Capacity Pool

Logical grouping of homogeneous infrastructure elements. A capacity pool represents a collection of technology-specific Providers. It aggregates the capacity data from all the entities within the group. You can create a capacity pool on the basis of specific criteria such as business importance, customer, owner, geography, and so on.

For example, you can have a capacity pool of all vSphere clusters, all AIX PowerVM hosts, all vSphere hosts in Austin region, and so on.

Cloud provider

A company that offers cloud computing based services and solutions to other businesses or individuals. Cloud providers are also referred to as cloud service providers or CSPs.

Cloud service category

A logical group of cloud services that from different cloud providers. For example, Compute that includes Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set, and Physical Virtual Machines in your on-premises data center (private cloud). 

ConsumerLogical or virtual infrastructure element that consumes or uses the resources from a Provider. For example, vSphere virtual machine.

Instrumented server

A server with an Agent installed on it to collect granular or detailed metrics.

ProviderInfrastructure element that has the physical resources, such as CPU, memory, storage, and that provides these resources to a Consumer. For example, vSphere host.

A specific geographical location where the resource resides.

The public cloud providers deploy their data centers in many regions around the world. A region is a data center location where you have provisioned your cloud service.


An entity or a service of a cloud provider or in the on-premises data center that users can work with. For example, physical servers, virtual machines, storage devices, containers.


A BMC Helix Cloud Cost service that manages the run of assigned tasks at predefined intervals.


A specific type of compute resource. A virtual machine that is running in the cloud or in the on-premises data center.

Service PoolA group of resources that form an infrastructure or technology layer (tier) within an application or a business service.


An activity performed by a BMC Helix Cloud Cost component; tasks can be run manually, or scheduled for an automatic run.

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