Collecting data

BMC Helix Cloud Cost provides a set of connectors that you can use for collecting data from your public cloud providers and your on-premises environment. You must configure these connectors and run them for collecting data. All communication between BMC Helix Cloud Cost and the cloud providers is secure over HTTPS.

For information about configuring and running these connectors for data collection, see the following topics:

Data sourceConnector nameConnector typeDescription
Amazon Web Services (AWS)AWS Cloud connectorCloudImports cost and utilization data from your AWS cloud resources.
BMC DiscoveryDiscovery Cloud connectorCloudImports the relationships between business services, applications, and the supporting IT infrastructure from your cloud environment. 
Google Cloud PlatformGCP Cloud connectorCloudImports cost and utilization data from your Google Cloud Platform resources.
Microsoft AzureAzure Cloud connectorCloudImports cost and utilization data from your Microsoft Azure resources.
TrueSight Capacity OptimizationTSCO connectorOn-premises

Imports cost data from your on-premises Capacity Optimization environment.

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